Monkey's Friends

Monkey's Friends 2.0

Monkey's Friends is a free downloadable game for the PC
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Monkey's Friends 1.0 is a freeware game for the PC. We can download it quite easily from the website developer’s website. It is a quite basic game where our main goal is to get the keys, which open the cages where the naughty hunter keeps the monkey’s friends. They are Panda, Hippo, Lion, and Gorilla. We are in the jungle with a cascade in the background, and we must move the monkey with the stick to the left and to the right and try to destroy with the ball as many blocks as possible to get to the next level. While playing the game we get score points, bonuses, prizes, etc. At the beginning we can enter a nickname. After the game is over, we get our own score points and can compare them to the score table for other players or view the world table online. We are allowed to change the music volume, change the control keys, select between easy, medium and hard game levels, select full screen, see the rules and the help guide. The graphics and music are quite simply. It is very difficult to read. It runs under Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

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  • Free game


  • A simple, mechanical, and boring to death arcade game
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